And now?

Okay, you are now familair with the background of this website. So, what you're waiting for? Go to the downloadpage and find out what Flowmap can do for you.

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Created by...

This complete new version of the Flowmap website was created by Human Geography and Planning Honours Student (Utrecht University) Justin van Dijk.

The faculty of Geosciences at the Utrecht University offers the possibilty for motivated students to participate in the so-called Honours College Geosciences. One of the projects of this Honours College is called the 'Creative Challenge Project'. This website was established within the context of this project!

For the curious people: this site was built from the ground and written in (X)HTML 1.1 Strict. CSS 2.1 has been used to style the site. PHP has been used to add some extra functionalities which could not be done with just (X)HMTL. Aptana Studio has been used as development environment. The wonderful program Cyberduck acted as FTP-program.