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Okay, you are now familair with the terms and conditions. So, what you're waiting for? Go to the downloadpage and find out what Flowmap can do for you.

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Conditions of Use

The Educational Version of Flowmap is freeware. The program files, manuals and demonstration data of Flowmap's Educational Version may be freely copied and distributed. However, they may not be sold, neither alone nor as part of a package with other programs, data files or any other product.

Although we do our best to make sure Flomwap works properly in most everyday situations, we provide it 'as is', without garantee or warranty. We can not accept responsibility for any damage that may result from the installation or use of Flowmap. We do invite you, however, to report any problems to us.

If you publish about Flowmap or about research in which you use Flowmap, or if you use Flowmap in any other way in the preparation of a publication, we would appreciate it if you mention "Flowmap" and the "Faculty of Geographical Sciences, Utrecht University, the Netherlands" in the publication and send us a copy.

Important Please do not modify the file READTHIS.1ST and do include it in any distribution of Flowmap's Educational Version