The Manual

Flowmap is a program for spatial accessibility analysis and flow modeling, the downloable manual (.pdf) will help you to master the most important functions of the program. Also the training modules will be useful!

The button below will start the download of your copy of the manual.

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The data files that act as example within the manual can also be downloaded.

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Manual Data files


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The Program

Congratulations! You have made it to the offical Flowmap download page. This probably means that you are eager to start using Flowmap. Wonderful! At this page you can download both the latest version of the Educational release and the corresponding manual.

New in Flowmap 7.4.2

The button below will provide you with the necessary installation files. Please read the conditions of use first before installing!

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Flowmap Version 7.4.2


You can also take a look at the factsheet concerning all new functionalities in Flowmap 7.4.2!

In case you have already an older version of Flowmap running, you do not have to reinstall Flowmap if you want to upgrade your version to 7.4.2! You can download Flowmap742.exe and add this to your Program Files/Flowmap folder.