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Are the questions that you have not listed on the right? Try the manual! Many 'simple' solutions are provided in here. Also our training modules offer many solutions to common questions. However, if you cannot find your answer you can try the contactpage and maybe we can help you.

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Frequently asked questions

Welcome to our FAQ. Below are some questions and problems listed that people often encounter.

I do not work for an educational institution. Does this mean I need to buy the Professional Edition?

So what is the 'extra' functionality of the Professional Edition?

I try to install the 32-bits Flowmap Edudational version, but I get an 'access violation error' for the file OLEAU32.DLL. What should I do?

Can I use maps with decimal degrees coordinates?

The different maps that I want to use are not exactly or not at all in the same place when I display them in Flowmap. What is wrong?

Does the projection in which my maps are stored make a difference?

I stored my point data in a dBASE file, but Flowmap complains that the file is corrupt. What is wrong?

My maps are opened, but I cannot select 'Analysis' on the menu bar. Why?

When I change data directory, I loose all my display settings. How come?

When building a distance matrix: can I just use any transport network file?

When building a distance matrix: what is this 'multiplication factor' and what value should I choose for it?

What value should I choose for the distance decay parameter?

How do I quickly change the location of a service outlet?

I want to do further calculations with my analysis results. Can I also use Flowmap for this?